Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Streaming Update - Wha... Revenue?

I'm officially a Twitch Affiliate now, and have been having a fun time with the settings and stuff. No one has subscribed yet, which doesn't surprise me, but I did make some revenue - to my shock.

I have made four cents. Because at least two people watched ads.

I'm not sure how many ads that translates to, but I was actually shocked when the revenue showed up. I knew Twitch runs ads during streams, and I know I technically get some portion of it, but knowing and seeing are two different things. So, it I keep it up at this rate... er, um 13 streams equals 4 cents, minimum $100 in order to get a check, um, if I keep up a daily stream... it'll be 89 years before I see any money.


Okay, I guess I'll hope for some subscribers then, instead.

In the meantime, I'm still working on getting emotes. We'll just have to see how that turns out. When I get them, I will certainly post them here... and if you join my Twitch channel as a subscriber you can use them anywhere on Twitch.

Lastly, I'm posting my streams on YouTube as a sort of back-up. I posted my entire playthrough of The Room, and my ongoing playthrough of my new villain on DC Universe Online. I expect I'll be incredibly embarrassed by these in a couple of years. The streams go up on YouTube about a day after I've streamed them.

My birthday is January 20th, and I think I may have to figure out something special for that day on my stream. The whole world will also be celebrating, so that's good. But I gotta think of something fun for me to do. Maybe I'll try video for the first time? I'm not sure my system could handle it, but maybe... just that once...

Anyway, that's streaming life. I'll be posting a lupus update soon. I hope. I have two more doctor appointments this week, so I'm waiting on what news may come out.