Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Linkdump

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #169: Marvel, Death of Aquaman, Wild Wild West.

Polite Scott looks at Doctor's Head Mirrors.


Simpsonized Aquaman

How to make really simple garden lights for a single use (like a party) out of LEDs, coin batteries, and mason jars.

For stupid customers: the lollipop policy.

An idea for electric cars: stations quickly replace the batteries instead of recharging them.

Duh, not handholds. From the comments: "As a commercial pilot I can assure you that those instruments are clearly labeled. That one MAY have had the markings, Warning hot, and No Handhold, and No Step. Probably at least two of those markings, possibly all three." TSA inspectors should NOT be illiterate. And it's a good thing the airline re-inspected the planes, or that TSA flunkie could've murdered hundreds of people. In the name of "security". I think the TSA should be grounded and replaced with something useful and intelligent.

Diebold admits their voting machines are crap. PAPER AND PENS. Voting on a closed source voting machine is as good as throwing away your vote.

Computer junkie finds apparent proof that China lied about the age of some of its Olympic athletes.

Olympic Logos over the years.

Lovecraft fan harassed when paying respects at Lovecraft's grave.

It's Pug Attack! Beach pugs! Jailed pug! Stroller Pug! Tough pug! (been there, done that) Authoritative Pug! and Snuggle Puggle!

Wow... Evil Twin only needs $55 more to reach $500 in the MS 150! If you've got $5 to spare, you can donate, or just watch to see if she makes it.