Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Want some original artwork but can't make it to a convention? Periscope Studio has an Etsy page (warning: some artistically adult content). Some really good artists and their art here. Check it out.

Lovely Two-Page Usagi Yojimbo story.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #262: Iron Man's Nose, Alan Moore as Sith Lord, and Elliot S! Maggin.

Space Jam is a Mayan Tale.

Rachel Maddow gets a lightsaber. Just watch the video clip, you can ignore the rest.

Chemical bombs are real.

Ken Jennings on Wikipedia's lack of authority. I ran into this recently when a vandal changed Aquaman's Wikipedia entry, and an unrelated podcasts read the vandalized entry as if it was true, without any question. If it's on Wikipedia, verify it before you believe it. Wikipedia is a good place to start researching, but it's not to be trusted.

J.L. Bell on piracy. I like it when companies subvert the act of online piracy to their own ends.

Darryl Cunningham is starting a new strip about Homeopathy. His strip about Wakefield recently made the rounds. Darryl is one of the good guys.

How Avenue Q is dealing with Gary Coleman's death.

And to finish this post: a pug for the in-laws.