Monday, June 14, 2004

Rapid Reviews - Angel Season Two DVDs - Part II

Angel [2-03]: First Impressions: While Angel has intense dreams of Darla, Cordelia goes out to save Gunn. It was pretty clear that the first sequence, with Darla and Angel hanging out with Lorne, was a dream. It's sometimes very easy to tell what is supposed to be a dream on this show, oddly enough. I was impressed by Cordelia's determination to stick by Gunn, also. She clearly believed she could help. There wasn't much Wesley in this one. A nice, normal episode. 3 1/2 starfish

Angel [2-04]: Untouched: Cordelia's visions lead Angel into conflict with Wolfram & Hart again, not that he's ever been out of conflict with them. He just doesn't know what kind of conflict he's dealing with. Wesley gets dismissed early in this one, but he does have one of the best bits of the episode when he confronts Bethany and forces her to face her inner demons. This was a good one, with nice usage of the hotel set for mood. 4 starfish