Monday, June 14, 2004


Color me impressed. I don't know what it is about this one, but this cover REALLY works for me. Gleason has rapidly gone from "he'll do" to "Wow, he's good!" in my book.

Oh yeah, DC solicits for September 2004 are now up at ToonZone. I may add to this post once I've finished slobbering over the Gleason Aquaman cover long enough to read the rest of the solicits.

Update: True Brit is being solicited! This is the long anticipated Elseworlds written by Kim “Howard” Johnson & John Cleese. It's gonna be fun.

Update: DC: The New Frontier #6, the final issue, is going to have Aquaman in it. Yeah!

Update: The Flash #214 ties in with Identity Crisis. There's yet another JLA Secret Files. Ug. Still two issues each of Birds of Prey and JLA this month. Some sort of Teen Titans/Legion crossover happening. Makes me all the more happy I'm not getting either book. There's a couple of relaunches! Batman Adventures is relaunching as The Batman Strikes!, and Justice League Adventures is relaunching as Justice League Unlimited. Just a note, Aquaman on the cover to Justice League Unlimited appears to be flying. Whoops. I guess they wanted him on the cover, but couldn't fit him unless he was up in the air. Actually, Flash is flying, too. And check out the beard on GL.

Update: Over in the Wildstorm section, there's a trade of The Life Eaters, which I read originally in an anthology as the short story "Thor Versus Captain America". Hmmm, wonder why they didn't use that title?

Update: Over in Vertigo, Will Pfeifer takes over Swamp Thing with issue seven.

Update: I cleaned up the links and added links to the individual solicits on DC's Website.