Monday, June 06, 2005


"You should take a look at this Aquaman thing. It's pretty cool for a comic book."

Vince, a Hispanic actor, is hunting for a new role after some sort of success in the first season of the show. His buddy Eric is trying to get him a role in a big movie, but his agent Ari has already found him a role... in the upcoming Aquaman movie.

The show itself is fairly normal situation comedy about an actor who was doing ok for himself, but has to keep on top of the heap. Of interest to me was the Aquaman comic book prop used in the show. As far as I could tell, this was a prop made for the show itself, as I can't see any resemblance to any Aquaman story I can recall off the top of my head.

We get a couple of very quick looks at the cover, once when Ari tosses the book to Vince, and a moment later as Vince looks at it.

The cover doesn't appear to match any of the Aquaman covers that I've seen, though it's possible I've missed a few, and some foreign language editions of Aquaman have different covers (usually taken from interior artwork).

Of more interest is later in the story, when Eric is paging through the comic book just before he makes the comment I started this post with. We get several interior shots, at least one of which shows an unfamiliar character.

Who's the guy with the "V" on his chest? Anyone recognize him?

I find it difficult to accept that the show designers would create a whole new comic book, complete with interior artwork that has Aquaman, for the show. But for the life of me I can't recognize what little I see of the book. Maybe I'm short-circuited or something. But neither the cover nor interiors ring any bells. So if you recognize it, give me a shout out.

Update: Looking at the above screen caps, I think all three images of Aquaman are the same drawing, just reversed and cropped in the interior shots. Since you don't see much of the interior, it's possible that this is just a nice cut and paste job. I still want to know who V-Man is.