Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hard to be Silly Again...

It's hard to follow up my last post, which is why I tried to stop politiblogging in the first place. I think my preoccupation with politics hasn't helped me when I try to blog about comic books or movies or whatever. I sometimes feel like I shouldn't be enjoying life when so many American soldiers are fighting two different wars. At times it feels incredibly disrespectful to write about comic books when there are things so much more important going on. At times.

Other times I remember that living is the best thing we can do to honor the dead, and that enjoying our freedom is how we keep it. With that in mind, I'm going to attempt to catch up with my comic book reviews starting tomorrow... and I'm also going to write a wrap-up of Doctor Who 2005 and a review of Howl's Moving Castle (thanks for taking us, Jim). And maybe I'll also cover some of the Manga I've been reading, including the first issue of the all-new Shojo Beat. I'll also post one of my last sketches tonight. I think I'm down to just two left. And I also intend to eventually review the Rosen publishing biographies of comic book creators. The library had five of the six volumes, and I'm almost finished with Neil Gaiman (don't tell him that).