Friday, June 07, 2013

It is not as bad as it looks

Before the drugs kick in, here's what happened.

I was headed up to Sierra Vista Middle School to take a Students of the Month photo for work. It was just before 8 a.m. There's an intersection just past the high school at 16th Street (which I was going North on) and Edison Avenue. I stopped for the light behind two cars.

The light changed to green, and both the cars in front of me got through the light. I also came through the light but the guy in front stopped just past the light to turn left into a convenience store on the corner. The car in front of me stopped, I stopped, but the guy in the pickup right behind me didn't stop in time. I heard him hit the brakes just before he bumped me. Fortunately, I managed to stop my car before it was pushed into the car in front of me (although for a brief moment I was afraid I would).

There was a twinge in my neck at the bump. I swore a little, pulled over as far as I could to the right, then got out to check the damage. The guy who hit me got out of his vehicle and immediately started apologizing. I couldn't see any real damage to my car except the license plate being bent. The bumper protected the car like it was supposed to. I checked the other guy's car and didn't see any significant damage either. We exchanged information, and I continued up to Sierra Vista.

Once at the school I started to have an emotional reaction to the incident. I got out of my car, checked the damage again (nothing had changed, no broken lights, nothing serious) and headed into the building. Once I got in, that's when I broke down crying. The staff quickly made me sit and rest and the nurse brought out an ice pack for my neck. She made me promise to go to the emergency room, but I insisted on at least doing my job, since I was there.

By coincidence, Eric was subbing at SV today, and the principal ran off to his class to cover for him so he could come and comfort me. All was well, I got my picture, called the boss to let him know I was on the way to the hospital, and went to the ER.

Once I got there they put a neck brace on me, brought in a police officer to take a report, then whisked me off to check for serious damage in their machines. I spent entirely too much of my morning in the hospital in a very uncomfortable neck brace. Then they handed me some serious medication and prescriptions for same, told me not to take it while driving, and sent me on my way. The nurse warned me that I will be out of it for at least 24-hours after I take the pills, which are being absorbed by my body as I write.

I headed out to work, had a talk with the boss and made sure my assignments are handled for the moment, then went across the street and got my scripts at the pharmacy, which took entirely too long to fill. Came home, called the staff at SV to thank them and let them know I was safe (so they can pass that along to Eric), and took the pills with a light lunch. Now I'm waiting for the drugs to kick in and me to become useless. And the cat really loves my hospital ID band which is still on my wrist for some reason.

So, that's that. I think I'm going to go find the bed now.


Eric said...

UPDATE: I came home as early as I could today from school (and believe me, everyone understood). Laura is resting and pretty much out of it. Thanks to this blog post, I now know not to worry about her if she sleeps for quite a while longer. (Heck, I may join her, as I'm just plain old tuckered out myself.) The cat is fine.

Denise Nilsson said...

Oh my God!!! Hopefully there won't be anything SERIOUSLY wrong!!! I send hugs and chocolate your way!!!

Denise Nilsson said...

Oh my God!!! Hopefully there won't be anything SERIOUSLY wrong!!! I send hugs and chocolate your way!!!

J. L. Bell said...

I hope you take it easy and get back to 100% soon, but no faster than you optimally should.

Roger Owen Green said...

Good luck with that! The only time I've ever been admitted to the hospital after I was 6 was when I was 19 and this woman rear-ended us.

Anonymous said...

Eep! Glad the accident wasn't worse than it was! Heal fast & I hope the pain is minimal & goes away fast!

Lizzie said...

Get better soon. Inattention by other drivers seems to be the most often cause of car accidents.

Lizzie said...

Sorry that you had an accident. Praying for your speedy recovery. Accidents like the one you were in are the reason I really hate to drive. It seems that people are less likely to be paying attention, lately.