Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Mysterious Beep Was Solved...

On May 27th I posted a link to the TIVO community's thread about a mysterious beeping house. The guy who posted the original plea said:

Something is beeping in my house and I cant find it for the life of me. I have tried everything. I have spent hours looking for it and I cant find the source.

Its not a smoke alarm. I have taken off each one. Its not the alarm system. I have completely disconnected it and taken it off battery power. The beep remains.

The power on my whole block went out a while ago. Nothing was working. Except the beep. I figured I would let whatever battery it is running on to just run out....well it has been beeping for about a year now...who do I call to help me with this?

It lets out a single beep once every 45-60 seconds. Its so annoying!!!

The folks in the thread had some suggestions, but one fellow actually went to the house. He was unable to find the source of the beep.

So a whole crew of beepbusters went out to the house, arriving on May 28th. They quickly found the culprit: " old, forgotten carbon monoxide detector buried under a pile of CDs in an end table with really squeeky drawers that nobody ever looks in."

The men were ready to tear up the floorboards or wall, as the sound detector indicated that the sound was coming from behind the TV set. The woman in the group just pulled open a drawer that nobody had looked in for over a year and left it open long enough to find out that the beep was coming from the drawer of the metal chest being used as a end table... which apparently has some pretty odd acoustic properties.

The monster thread on the subject has pictures of the offending detector, the "end table" and the folks celebrating the destruction of the beep. And from the guy who started it all:

The CO detector was placed in that drawer over 2 years ago by my old roommate at my old apartment. I never used that drawer and I had no idea that detector was in there. I dont know how I missed it when I was looking earlier.