Monday, June 20, 2005

Randomish Thoughts

I tried to write reviews, but I'm just not in a reviewy sort of mood at the moment.

All The Rage has some items of interest this week, including some bits about the leaked Global Frequency pilot, which has gotten a LOT of attention. There are some interesting comments about the new paradigm that bittorrent could allow, if studios would wake up and take full advantage.

Sales chart for May, DC solicits for September.

Dark Horse has an on-line Wars of the Worlds.

Tom Peyer lets us know about Bibleman.

Have you been keeping up with Girl Genius?

Larry Osterman talks about Nathan's Laws of Software: 1) "Software is a Gas!" - Software will grow to fit the container, thus the proliferation of bloatware. 2) "Software grows until it becomes limited by Moore's Law" - If you don't know what Moore's Law is, go look it up. 3) "Software growth makes Moore's Law possible" - Software's expansion drives hardware's performance improvements. Makes sense. And lastly, 4) "Software is only limited by human ambition and expectation."

Various and Sundry directs us to color code charts on-line. Very useful for web design.

Metafilter links to some great on-line documents. Including the Constitution.

Interesting article about Brazil's escape from gasoline dependency. I recently read somewhere else that the environmental impact from using ethanol is worse than the impact of using fossil fuels, but I'm wondering if the writer took into account the fact that ethanol is a renewable resource? I'd be interested in seeing a real study on it.

What Does That Mean? is a wiki of English idioms. A bit limited at the moment, but sure to grow.

Boing Boing links to a Roy Lichenstein page that shows the original comic art next to the Lichenstein copy.

One puppy, six legs.

My husband won't doubt this report.

The Starbucks logo was originally dirty 15th Century engraving. Follow the links to an interview with the FedEx logo creator, as well.