Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rapid Reviews - Manga

Mars (Vol 3) by Fuyumi Soryo. More hot biker dude and shy artist. This time we get to see Rei in action, as he participates in a big race. I think the best moment comes at the end, however, when Rei sees the painting that Kira made of him. There's a great panel of him in front of the painting, turning to look at the other people in the gallery. This series is definitely turning into something interesting. It's still just a pretty good manga, but each volume explores something different and doesn't retread old ground. 3 starfish

Alice 19th: Inner Heart by Yu Watase. A girl named Alice, a strange bunny creature, and a hot European mage named Frey! This is like Cardcaptor Sakura on speed. I'm not entirely sure I'm enjoying it, but I find it too compelling, in a sort of "can't look away" style, to not continue reading it. Any book that has two guys accidently kiss in a shower... with the girl they've both fallen for watching, is just too strange to not see through to the end. 2 1/2 starfish

I'm going to stop reviewing further volumes in series I'm reading, unless there's something so noteworthy that I feel I have to bring it up. Each time I'm writing a Manga review I feel like I'm trying to find new ways to restate the same thing. I think I will, however, try to review each Manga series as I finish it. So, in future, here's the plan: I'll review the first issue/volume of each Manga series I try, then if I continue to read it, I'll do a series review when I have read the last volume. And, while this is the rule, there will no doubt be exceptions.