Sunday, July 17, 2005

Time Machine

For no obvious reason I've decided to hop into my blog time machine and look at what I posted on this blog in the past.

First up, let's go back a year to 2004. Oh, those were better, innocent days. In addition to a capsule review of Identity Crisis #2 (was it really that long ago??!??) I also found neat Aquaman stuff to share, and posted a sketch by the wonderful Kaja Foglio (not of Aquaman, sadly).

Moving a little further back in time, 2003 was an interesting year. One of my worst, in fact. But I managed a little joy, as I got from posting a sketch by Dev Madan. I also posted some Bits and a Thought.

I'm afraid that going back any further isn't possible, as I didn't start blogging in 2002 until October. But I actually quite enjoyed popping back into the past... maybe I'll do it again sometime. In the future.