Monday, August 22, 2005

Wikimania II: The Return

Ok. It's up. Right here. Please play in it, and if you like it, add more and more and more until it actually becomes something halfway useful. The Aquaman entry has a little bit in it, and some of the others have skeletons of information just waiting to be filled out.

If you want to become an admin, make sure you have a user name at Wikicities then let me know. But to start out, just add information and pages (you can add a page by first adding a link on one of the other pages, then clicking the link and editing). Anyone at all can add (which is the whole point of Wikis) so go give it a shot. Add something you know, even if it's just one little tiny piece of information.

If there isn't enough interest to keep it going after a few months, or there is too much abuse to deal with, I'll ask the wikicities folks to delete it. Otherwise, it's all for fun and all for everyone. And yes, I know it's still really basic, but I want to test this idea out and see if it will fly.