Saturday, October 22, 2005

Night Thoughts

Johnny B's full NFL predictions.

Elayne gives me a blogiversary gift. Garrett also mentions it.

Dan Jurgens responds to Aquaman on Smallville. The ratings were good.

Tropical Storm Alpha forms.

The lovely tale of the rat that outsmarted scientists: "Our findings confirm that eliminating a single invading rat is disproportionately difficult." Yeah, I'll say.

Star Wars: A New Hope as an animated GIF.

For fans of Filk, FilkerTom directs us to the list of OVFF winners.

New Trailer for Narnia. Not bad... not bad at all. The animals actually look like real animals.

Jim Henley asks why Rapture is a good name for a kids' bike. Hey, I'm still amused by my old bike's name: Impact. I think that one is worse.

Talk About Comics also mentions the statement by Bob Harris... which leads me to wonder about the ads in comic books. "You are not the media's customer; you are their product. Their only customers are the advertisers." What do the ads in comic books say about us as readers of comic books?

Tom Peyer has a quote for us.