Saturday, February 11, 2006

50 State Quarters

I got the 2006 State Quarters set, and it's time to comment on them...

Nevada: "The Silver State", 1864. Horses, plants, mountains, and a sunrise (or is that a sunset). Not too bad. Slightly crowded, but ok. Drop the plants and one of the horses and I'd like it a lot more.

Nebraska: "Chimney Rock", 1867. The natural wonder, with a covered wagon in the bottom left. Nice and simple. The rays of the sun are a bit much, but it's ok. Better than most.

Colorado: "Colorful Colorado", 1876. Um. It's a rock. With some trees. Totally unremarkable. Totally forgettable.

North Dakota: 1889. A couple of bison with a sun (with those rays hanging out) behind them. It's ok. There seems to be a tendency to want to fill the entire space of the coin, instead of choosing one iconic image regarding the state and using that. This one might have been better without the background details.

South Dakota: 1889. Mount Rushmore, grain along the sides, and a bird. If they'd just gone with Mount Rushmore, and resisted the temptation to add the others, it would have been fine. Add the other bits, and it's too crowded. Sad.

Man, I just know the Washington quarter is going to be the sucky one with the apple, and not one of the others that are cool. Too many other states seem to be going the "let's throw as many images in to satisfy everyone in the state" route for Washington state to not pathetically follow their lead.