Friday, December 14, 2007

Remembering the Non-Existent

The Mysterious Thunderbird Photo. I tend to think this is the same phenomena as I experienced in Wizard of Oz fandom, regarding a film clip that I SWEAR I've seen, but either doesn't exist or at least doesn't exist in the form I remember it existing in.

The Thunderbird Photo is a "frontier snapshot of a dead Thunderbird nailed to a wall with six men standing in front of it to demonstrate its size". Many people in the world of Cryptozoology remember the photo, but it apparently doesn't exist. There are many theories, as outlined in the MetaFilter post, but until someone pulls up some evidence, no one knows why so many folks remember a non-existent photo.

The Oz film clip is one that many people claim (in e-mails to my husband's website) was at the end of the movie. It is not. I remember it as being a very short part of a documentary on the Wizard of Oz. But my husband, who is an Oz fan and the whole reason I would have seen such a scene, doesn't remember it at all. The scene depicts Dorothy, after her family has left, finding the ruby slippers on her dresser. That's all.

My question to my readers... do you remember either of the above (or better yet, can direct me to them), or do you have any other examples of things that don't exist that lots of people remember?