Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How About A Linkdump?

Novels that would make good comics. I'd like to see a few of these.

A fairly interesting Marriage Proposal. I wonder if he can patent that?

A redesign of Mt Rushmore.

Why voting can never be truly fair, Arrow's Theorem.

E-Voting is expensive.

Bookslut talks about "Readers Block". I suffer from this every once in awhile, and usually break out of it thanks to comic books.

Net Neutrality in a Nutshell: "do you want an Internet that operates like the one we have today, or one that operates like cable TV, where Comcast decides which content to carry, and offers it to you only in bundles of its own devising?"

Baitcars work. " theft ... has declined 50 percent."

I want Camera Glasses.

Check out the four-armed Beyonce on the Photoshop Disasters Blog.

Richard Dawkins to be on Doctor Who. His wife is Lalla Ward, who had a role on the classic Doctor Who.

Video, YouTube: El Caminito del Rey. I'm not interested in walking there. No way.

Stop and look at the ducks.

Here's a scary prediction.

LOLDalek: BBC Budget is slashed.