Friday, May 21, 2010


If you haven't played the Google logo today, go and do it quick before it goes away. Update: And if you missed it, you can still play it HERE.

Oh boy, something to look forward to! Yes, hubby-Eric and I live in one of the affected areas. And hey, we just had a tornado, too!

Paramount's Geographic Facsimile Map of 1927. Want to visit the Swiss Alps without leaving California? Here's the map for you!

Woman whose cash was refused when she tried to buy an iPad changes Apple's policy and gets a free iPad as an apology for the store's refusal to sell her one.

Step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade your toilet to a dual-flush system with a $20 kit. I think I want one (or rather, three, since we have three toilets in this house).

In honor of the 30th anniversary: The Empire Strikes Back links on MetaFilter.

One of the best takes on Pokemon ever.

For Doctor Who fans: New Torchwood Comic?

Ok, this one is special. In the middle of a cross-country trip, a man gets a call from a former student and friend from Russia. She and a traveling companion are in Washington DC, where they were promised a job when they arrived. Somehow the deal fell through, so she contacted someone she knows in the States for advice and help. Start reading at the top of this page, and just keep reading down. Seriously, read this. It will open your eyes, thrill and terrify you, and if you have a soul it'll probably make you cry before you get to the end.