Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stepford Plants Update

The arborvitae are mostly growing ok, except for one. There was a barren area, the only spot that didn't have grass, that one of the arborvitae was planted in. This is the one that is having trouble. I'm beginning to think that the soil there isn't good. I'm going to try to give the plant a little more help with some extra fertilizer and potting soil, but I don't know if the poor little guy will survive.

Moving on, the One Dollar Tomatoes still weren't growing, so I gave in and repotted them today. I probably did it wrong, and I'm halfway certain I killed them in the process. The roots were tangled and woven throughout the little pot... they weren't growing because they had reached the limits of their resources. There wasn't anywhere left for them to stretch out! So I put them in the three larger pots I bought awhile ago, two each in two of the pots and one solo.

One Dollar Tomato Plants

We'll see if they survive until next week's update.

The plum stick continues to grow leaves. More leaves make me happy. It's not terribly impressive looking yet, but at least it seems to be growing. I have been trying to keep it watered and plan to stake it against our frequent windstorms soon, but at the moment I'm just happy it's alive.

Plum Stick with Leaves

On a slightly worrisome note, a friend came over and mentioned that her parents had planted a tree from a stick like mine, and it took over five years before it started to look like a tree at all. I'm hoping by the end of summer my plum stick will have some branches. I'll even settle for very small branches.


David Oakes said...

Now that you got me to look for $1 plants at Target, all I see are Triffids...