Thursday, June 24, 2010

DC Digital Comics Mean Nothing To Me

DC just announced their digital comics initiative, thus moving them closer to the modern world. But I don't have an iPad or iPhone, so there isn't much in this for me at the moment. I suppose that eventually they might provide the books on a platform I have access to, and maybe they'll provide enough back issues to make me want to buy in... but at the moment the story is meaningless to me, which is why I haven't jumped on it.


Anonymous said...

They haven't talked it since the DC news, but you can also view these comics online as well:

Sleestak said...

I can't imagine reading a comic on a cell phone screen. Too small for me.

David Akers said...

I would rather that DC did something like Marvel online comic thingy. I would hate having to download all the comics I want to read onto my phone or portable device. I would rather read them through the web on whatever device I want to use.