Friday, July 16, 2010

Lotsa Links and an Angry Rant



Doctor Who in Novels. Meanwhile, Phil worries about Americanized Doctor Who.

Speaking of, a Doctor Who fan takes on the unrealistic programming on the History Channel.

Here's an excellent review of Royal Historian of Oz #1. I'm still giggling about the description of the Official Oz Society.

Star Wars on the Subway. I like the Dummies book, and the fact that they link to a template to make your own.

No Name Change for Stanley Park.

Yet another hoard of Roman Coins found by a metal detector.

Flying 101. More from Snopes: Sun Tea.

Someone who loves LEGO way more than I do.

The deer in Cranbrook are escalating the attack. First that video that I embedded here, and now an attack on a delivery man.

Meanwhile, a raccoon reads in Brooklyn.

It's a miracle:

If you are wondering why the music industry isn't making any money.

Phil Plait manages to describe my political philosophy.

Racist scumbags in Utah try to start a witch hunt, and include legal citizens on their list. The list itself is a criminal act, as it includes private information, including social security numbers and health information protected under HIPAA. Interestingly, Obama's policy has been to target employers who hire illegal immigrants, and it's been disturbingly successful.

I need a unicorn chaser. Here's some LOLCat Theology, including Couch Cat, and a pug for the in-laws.