Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stepford Plants Update

Well, it's nearly the end of summer. We're getting close to whatever end the tomato plant will have...

I failed to get an overall picture of the plants, as they have grown big enough to attack me if I get too close. I will say that the mass of tomatoes is very impressive. Maybe once before the end of summer I need to go out and put the pot they started in next to the plants and try to get a picture. Though, I think you won't be able to see the pot...

The other day I took a visitor out to see the plant, and she was impressed by the size, and by the flush of red inside the plant... see it?

One Dollar Tomatoes

Getting a bit closer, you can see that I have a very cool looking striped tomato, one of the first that budded out, and it's turning ripe already.

One Dollar Tomatoes

On the other side, the plant that has ripped its cage up from the ground and is slowly toppling over also has a couple of reddening fruits. All together, I counted about five. I think that will quickly multiply, and I should be picking them very soon.

Next year... I will plant them further apart. I will prune the blossoms to prevent clumps of fruit that don't grow. I will also plant green peppers (thanks, Lisa!). And I will no doubt learn lots of new things that will startle me when I think about it.

One Dollar Tomatoes

The plum stick continues to grow, slowly but steady. If I'm lucky and we stay out here long enough, we'll have fruit on that tree someday. The grass continues to grow and crowd out the tumbleweed. We just cut the yard today, and I found many places where the grass is competing with the tumbleweed and just needs a boost or something. Also, my first bag of grass seed is finally run out, so I need to go get another.