Saturday, December 11, 2010

LEGO Advent Update 2!

And if you still love me so, make it snow, make it snow, make it snow...

It's my second update to my blogging of the 2010 LEGO City Advent calendar. I'm still regretting that I wasn't able to get the Castle Advent Calendar this year, but maybe next year. Again, I apologize for the blurry pictures. If I was getting paid for this I might make a second or third effort to get better focused pictures, but since my only pay is the loving comments you leave and I didn't get any for my last update, I'm figuring no one is reading this anyway!


Dec 7th:

LEGO Advent 2010

Play them off, keyboard cat! Sally and her cat Princess Frumbles del Toronado Squiggle la Fluffybot 2000 Sharpclaw the Magnificent, aka "Shredder", got a keyboard for their first gift of the season. Shredder immediately played some gorgeous Vivaldi tunes, while Sally pecked out "Chopsticks". They were both drowned out when Jimmy sat down at his drum kit (with a new drumstick) and started pounding through his own interpretation of "Stairway to Heaven". Yes, I'm aware that much of Stairway is light on the percussion. Jimmy isn't.

Dec 8th:

LEGO Advent 2010

Sally was surprised to get a new puppy, but Shredder took to the beast immediately, declaring it a good steed. The puppy, for his part, was terrified by Shredder but liked Sally quite a bit. The puppy was dubbed "Spot" by Sally, despite having none, because "it's a dog's name." Spot spent the rest of the evening hiding from Shredder, howling at Jimmy's drum playing, and looking for a way to escape the asylum. He did enjoy the sausages they gave him, though.

Dec 9th:

LEGO Advent 2010

Spot was happy when Shredder was distracted by the toy plane that Sally got. The plane was sadly not a remote control plane (although it was big enough to be one), but did glide neatly from the landing at the top of the stairs. Shredder thought the fuselage made a great napping spot, and settled down on it no matter where the plane was set down. This gave Jimmy an unfortunate idea... and Shredder ended up taking an extremely howl-worthy flight off the landing. Both Sally and Jimmy learned that a cat attached to the fuselage makes a plane unbalanced. Uncle Bob said he could paint out the scratch marks and that the plane would be flight-worthy and good as new in no time. Shredder is lucky cats land on their feet but won't go near the plane now.

Dec 10th:

LEGO Advent 2010

This is Dad. He works in a secretive place and has a case chained to his wrist almost all the time. Uncle Bob will crack jokes about it, but Dad never responds to the taunting. Shredder has so far been unable to get into any of the cases Dad has brought home, but hasn't stopped trying despite Dad's habit of swinging the case at the cat every time it gets near him. Dad's joys in life are his family and his work, not necessarily in that order.

Dec 11th:

LEGO Advent 2010

This is Dad by the hearth of the family home. The hearth was designed by ancient craftsmen at the dawn of time and holds a terrible secret... but that's not important to the action here. As you can see, a lovely fire has been lit in the grate, and a candle is burning gently on the mantle. Such a pretty sight!

More ADVENTures to follow as I open more of the little doors on the LEGO box...

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