Friday, February 03, 2012

More cat pictures

Because I just can't resist.

About nine hours after his first dose of medicine, he was feeling considerably better. This morning he woke me at five a.m. in the Simon's Cat manner, minus the baseball bat. He's clearly feeling MUCH better.

Inkwell stops playing when I get the camera out.
I was watching him play, tried to get a picture, and he immediately calmed down.
This morning I gave him his medicine and had a less difficult time than last night, my first try. I have to syringe-feed him the medicine, and getting the stuff down him the first time was a bit... messy. But this morning I got the knack of the "scruff" method, and he took the medicine without even wiggling. Hopefully the rest can go as easily (two down, 11 to go).

Inkwell attacks the cuddle quilt
He just finished killing the evil quilt monster, and is settling in for a relaxing evening.
He has been playing much more since last night. He's actually running around the house, attacking doors, feet and random bits of floor. He's still terrified of the toy mice and kitten bell balls, but maybe he'll eventually mellow enough to play with them.


Sharon said...

Our cat doesn't like those kind of toys either...but she will play with a tennis ball, that that's what she got for Christmas.

Sure enjoy your cat tales!

Anonymous said...

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

Anonymous said...

We adopted an abandoned tabby kitten. When he was 6-8 weeks old, he hissed and growled at his toy mice. Three years later, he still plays with them, but now he just bats them around. He probably realizes now that they are not real.