Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Sunday Review

It feels really odd to read and do quick capsule reviews of single issues of comic books in the midst of trying to work through all the Hugo nominations. On the other hand, the comic books are self-selected by me to be stuff I suspect I'll enjoy while the Hugo nominees... aren't. Indeed, in the coming days you'll no doubt see that there's quite a few on the Hugo nomination list that I really don't enjoy at all... Anyway. Back to comics.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • May 13th
  • Convergence #6 - It took all the way to issue #6 before we got to a decent part of the story? This is much more like it. But really, that gathering fight scene at the end needs a LOT more versions of various characters to be truly fun.
  • Convergence: Aquaman #2 - I'm not sure what Deathblow is, or where he comes from. I do find Dane's solution to be a little... gross. Definitely harkens back to the Silver Age and the one-hour limit and what Aquaman sometimes did to save himself back then.
  • Convergence: Green Lantern Parallax #2 - Another day, another fight. Now that I know heroes are trying to stop this whole thing, the city by city fighting isn't as interesting.
  • Convergence: Justice League International #2 - I'm not sure I like the Wonder Woman in this one. It is something... the fight is over after the earthquake. Is that why the losing city didn't vanish?
  • Arrow: Season 2.5 #8 - Another tale that's hard to read knowing how the rest of the season went. I'm wondering when and if the comic will catch up to the tv series, now.
  • Astro City #23 - As usual, this is one of the best comics this week. Sticks just wants to play the drums, but as a talking gorilla, life in Astro City isn't going to be so simple for him.
  • Spider-Man 2099 #12 - A pretty good issue, with Miguel dealing with a terrifying not-foe. I love this book, so of course it's going away. My tastes apparently don't line up with the paying public.
  • Doctor Who 10th #10 - A quick done-in-one story that takes Gabby home after her recent adventures, which are referenced in the book. I'm not really sure about this. It was ok, but nothing amazing.
  • Rebels #2 - Our main character gets more caught up in the rebellion, to the consternation of his wife. I'm enjoying this as a history story, but I wish there was a bibliography in the back so I could look up some of the real history and compare. It's sparking my interest.
  • Spongebob Comics #44 - SpongeBob goes to LegolandBlockville AND I get a Mermaid Man story. Awesome issue.