Thursday, January 26, 2017

Inkwell's Favorite Toy

When my Mom, sisters and niece visited at the beginning of the month, they brought some presents for Eric and I. The presents, including a mix for pumpkin cheesecake which I made yesterday and it tastes fantastic, were packed in a large gift bag with tissue paper around them. Inkwell LOVES the tissue paper. He's been slowly ripping it to shreds, and "nesting" in it. Every night when I go to bed I can hear him careening through it and tearing it into ever smaller pieces. We pick up the little pieces and throw them away, and eventually he will run out of this gift, but right now he's in kitty heaven...

Inkwell says, "I have the best Grandma EVER!"

They also gave me a little electric mouse, which Inkwell loves to play with, but has to be monitored because he will eat the tail off if I don't take it away from him promptly. He was scared of it at first, but now he chases it around the kitchen, snags it by the tail and walks around the house with it, usually chased by me.