Saturday, November 09, 2002

Rapid Review - 9 Nov 2002

Justice League: The Savage Time: First off: I really like the Justice League cartoon despite it not being the real Justice League (because it doesn't have Aquaman). And I've enjoyed most of the stories so far (especially the guest appearance of should-be-leaguer Aquaman). That said, I think the only way that this one could have been better is if the League had somehow undone the D-Day disaster as shown in the cartoon. As it is, there is still an anomaly in the Justice League Universe because Germany had access to higher technology and D-Day wasn't a big success like it was in our universe.

Putting that aside, my fangirl alert kept going off as each of the WWII characters was introduced, some of whom I didn't recognize because I've never read their books. I didn't catch it if one of the tanks was the Haunted Tank, but otherwise we got a lot of DCU fun with the Blackhawks and Sgt Rock. Each introduction made me smile.

I also liked the Bruce Wayne of the Savage future, who brought in orphans for his rebels. Did you notice that Dick and Barbara were two of the rebels, in each other's arms, even? It was a good way to get Batman into the story, and a good way to keep him out of the way.

Overall, I've really enjoyed this series, and this story gets 4 starfish from me. I've still got two previous stories that I missed from earlier in the season to watch, but overall the Justice League cartoon rates a solid 4 starfish from me.

What did you think?