Saturday, November 09, 2002

Random Thoughts

No one has responded to my brain-teaser about the King with three daughters, but I'll still post the answer... in a couple of days. The question is in November 7th's Random Thoughts.

Hubby-Eric and I have turned in our order form for November 2002. Aquaman and the Aquaman Archives are both on it, which made me unusually happy. Add in the Super Friends Aquaman/Black Manta action figure set (which retails at $49.99!) and the checkbook is now officially screaming in agony.

Other stuff was as expected: all three Elseworlds (I'm a sucker for them), Gotham Adventures, Birds of Prey, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, JLA, JLA/Spectre, JSA, Ten-Cent Superman, Justice League Adventures, Spectre, Titans, Young Justice, Power Company, Green Lantern/Sinestro Super Friends set, Powers, Usagi Yojimbo, Girl Genius, Futurama Comics, Snapdragons, the Cardcaptor Sakura trade, Ruse, Way of the Rat, Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, and Truth...

We're also getting Crossovers #1 because we can't resist the idea of genres mixing. We hope it's as good or better than the previews make it out to be. And Interman is also on the list thanks to the preview at Jeff Parker's site.

And lastly, because Hubby-Eric got more work at the comic shop for credit, we added JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice. We wanted to get it before, but couldn't justify the cost.

Speaking of costs and justifying them, I really wanted to go to the Seattle Comicard Convention tomorrow, but even the admission is a little high after paying for our comics. While the cost in money is nasty, I'm also worried about the cost in my energy levels for work. I still haven't adjusted fully to working retail after sitting at a desk all day for years, and I'd rather go to work fully rested on Monday, especially since I know next week is going to be hard, with all the stock for the holiday shopping season coming in. So I probably won't make it...

Remember that book I told you about some time ago, the one with the 8-page preview that my retailer put in my box? It's called The Witch and the Jackal, and I ran into the creators at my comic shop today. They've been doing some serious legwork, hitting every comic shop within driving distance of their home in Victoria BC, Canada, and giving out free samples as well as delivering the first issue in person. Since they were there, and I was impressed, we bought the first issue right away. I will review it within a day or two.

I'm looking forward to seeing the last of the first season of Justice League tonight. So it doesn't have Aquaman and that sucks, at least it's a decent show otherwise. And I know Aquaman will be reappearing in season two.

I read this morning, on Elayne Riggs' blog, that Hilary Bader had died of ovarian cancer. There's a lot I want to say about this, but I can't at the moment. I'm pretty upset. She was a very cool person, and I'm glad I met her.