Monday, October 20, 2003

Random Thoughts

This week, Dilbert has a mystery artist every day. I realized who the first artist was as I clicked on the answer, something about the way the characters stood made me say the name right before I saw it.

Here's a funny Libertarian Party press release about Rush Limbaugh. I think I pretty much agree with the view, if not the way it is stated. via Mark Evanier

Grotesque Anatomy is working on the comics canon, and I find the thoughts quite interesting based on my experiences in Doctor Who fandom, in which "canon" is practically a swear word. If I pull out of my rage and depression long enough, I'll try to actually write up some thoughts on the subject.

The Modulator found this blog entry by Ken MacLeod that I agree with completely. Yeah, I'm coming late to this whole electronic voting thing, but I still find it very hard to believe anyone with a brain let this happen.

The Pulse reports that CrossGen is republishing the pages that Robin Riggs inked already, but they still have not paid him for them (nor has he signed over the rights to CrossGen yet). Also, missing from CrossGen's January solicits are El Cazador (!?) and Crossovers. Hmmm.