Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Rapid Reviews - Wednesday Night TV

Smallville [3-18]: Truth: Just TELL her already! ARGH! How stupid can you be, Clark? Chloe won't rest until she either knows or is dead. And Chloe is a great friend... if she's not dying from curiousity. This could have been better, but was fun overall. 3 1/2 starfish

Angel [5-18]: Origin: Who the heck is Connor? Ok, this gives a lot of information. Interesting bits with Gunn. And Wesley is once again running rampant trying to bring back just one thing using whatever methods he can find. I just wish I knew what part Wesley played in the Connor saga, which I haven't seen at all. Definitely not as funny as some episodes, but interesting, nonetheless. 3 1/2 starfish

Comics to review: Secret Identity, Batman Adventures, Outsiders, and Astro City/Arrowsmith.