Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Rapid Reviews - Angel Season Two DVDs - Part III

Angel [2-05]: Dear Boy: Ah, Darla really is back. And she's evil, but has a soul. And Kate thinks Angel is a murderer and kidnapper. Oh, the troubles Wolfram & Hart are causing. This was a pretty good, but incredibly frustrating, episode. The frustration comes from nothing being resolved. That's the problem with long arcs. Also, there are a few plot holes. How did Angel get back into the hotel without Kate knowing, since she left officers in place to find him? And was there really any point to Gunn's appearance in this one? Nice set-up, but not even a guy in a goofy demon suit to beat up at the end for a nice finish (no, that came at the beginning). 3 1/2 starfish

Angel [2-06]: Guise Will Be Guise: You could tell from the opening scenes that this one would be a Wesley story, and that's really what it became. Wesley saves the girl, Wesley gets the girl, Wesley... gets really embarrassed when people find out he's not Angel after all. This one was fun as well as showing that Wesley can accomplish more than just research. And Angel's bits with the swami dude were also pretty fun. I liked this one, a lot. But then, I really like Wesley. 4 starfish