Friday, July 02, 2004

Random Thoughts

First off: Hope you had a happy birthday, Michael!

Missing artwork alert: Scott at Polite Dissent had a piece of original artwork stolen from his office. From his blog: "It is page 8 from Uncanny X-Men #243, art by Mark Silvestri and Hilary Barta. There is a blue ballpoint-pen signature from Silvestri on the bottom, and a black ink signature that says “Barta ‘90? from the inker." If you spot this page for sale, please alert the authorities that it's stolen.

Tom Swift in the public domain.

Tom Swifties for your pleasure. Via Garrett.

My aunt posted a local link to Free Comic Book Day. Where Aunty lives, the local downtown is banding together to hand out comics, not just the comic book shop. Read the article for more details.

Heidi MacDonald's comic news column "The Beat" is now bloggy. This means I will probably read it more often, but doesn't mean I will enjoy its oddness any more than before.

Jeff Parker has posted a bigger picture of the "NASA ghost". Remember, he's looking for an answer as to what this thing actually is, so if you have any ideas, comment on it on his blog.

Yes, we have bananas. I'd heard about the threat to the major species of bananas, but Snopes takes it apart for us. Via a slightly related Boing Boing story.

Boing Boing also covers Free Comic Book Day. Don't forget to go get your free comic books tomorrow.

The new Doctor Who won't feature Daleks because of the short-sightedness of Terry Nation's Estate.

Depressing news about James Doohan, best known for playing Scotty on the original Star Trek, and the only Trek actor I've met.

I got another Gmail invitation, and immediately donated it to My first invite went to my little sister with instructions to donate to troops when she got some invites.