Thursday, July 01, 2004

Rapid Reviews - Free Comic Book Day - Part X

PLEASE NOTE: Copies of these comic books will be available in participating comic shops on Saturday July 3rd 2004.

Reggie-12: A young but powerful robot running around saving the city, a smart-mouthed cat, and the other robots and creator they live with. There is some mild scatalogical humor, lots of cartoon violence, and not a lot to make me want to seek out more of this character. This is a little anthology of the character, so as a sampler I guess it's ok. 3 1/2 starfish Silver Sponsor Book/This book is All-Ages.

Dungeons & Dragons: Crisis in Raimiton: Barely passable art which isn't complimented by absolutely worthless lettering. The intent of this book is apparently to show people how to run a D&D campaign, starting with the DM regurgitating the guide at a poor new player while he tries to make a character. If it were a little worse, it would be funny. As it is, it's just a book to avoid unless you are really curious about D&D and want to see how it is supposed to happen (but never does). 2 1/2 starfish This book is for Older Readers (13+).

Slave Labor Stories: a sampler of various characters from Slave Labor, including Street Angel, in two to four pages each. As a sampler it's quite nice, giving a good feel for each property in the space allowed. I'm not keen on most of the stories, myself. They were a bit off my usual type. However, the book was very readable and nicely designed. 4 starfish Silver Sponsor Book/This book is for Adults (18+).

Not available to me for review: A Bunch of Baboons. Apparently Cancelled: Delicious Seasons.

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Coming tomorrow: A summary of all the Free Comics I was able to get.