Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Gorillas In Our Midst!" - Interesting opening. The Spectre isn't someone you want after you. The main plot, with Detective Chimp, was fun. I'm afraid I don't see B'wana Beast and Vixen as much of a pair, though.
  • Battlestar Galactica: "Scar" - Fighters that get better even if you destroy them. The Cylons are pretty scary creatures. Interesting how much Tigh insists that Sharon isn't a person, she's an it.
  • Battlestar Galactica: "Sacrifice" - Ok, I really wasn't expecting the death in this one. In fact, I was depressed by it. I wonder how it'll affect Dee in the future? For that matter, how will it affect the President?
  • Ghost Hunters: "Inn of the Dead" - The location is the Orleans Inn, in Orleans Massachusetts. Listening to the stories, a lot of them seem to be fairly debunkable (candles relighting, creepy basement). Admittedly, the crazy ladies and the apparitions aren't so easy to figure out, but people are strange, so things like that are hardly good proof. The flashlight test is always impressive, but again it relies on absolute trust of the people doing the test to be believable. And you have to be confident that the flashlight can't turn itself on and off. It's not particularly scientific. I liked how the SFChan cameramen show up and even talk in this one. I sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of the crew while watching TAPS do their stuff. A fun episode, but not enough to prove anything.
  • Destination Truth: "Spirits of Easter Island; The Moa" - Sad to learn that this is the final episode. I really do enjoy this show. Easter Island and New Zealand in this one. I'd love to visit Easter Island someday, but seeing it on a show will have to do for now. One of their translators looks a little like Sergio Aragones. I love that they have a volcano quest to get the island to accept them. Nice weather for their investigation. One of the guys drops his equipment and rips off his shirt in terror thinking that something is crawling on him after they follow a light onto a beach. They find some neat reflections and sounds in a cave. And they nearly drown in the rain. The cave moans were cool, but not enough proof. Very neat place. And they lastly get to go to Southwest New Zealand to hunt for an extinct giant bird. Love that cryptozoology! Josh's multi-lingual GPS was a fun bit of snark, as was Ryder's sheep hunt. Fun Lord of the Rings references, as well. Josh's tendency to jump off cliffs was fun. I'm sure his crew was delighted. Pity they didn't find anything definitive, but the trip was wonderful.
  • Doctor Who: "The Time of Angels" - I was on the edge of my seat watching this one, as I'd managed to avoid all spoilers about who appeared in this episode until the preview last week. So I was happy happy glee glee. Poor Eric, unfortunately, had an attack of the killer naps, and as the episode had a lot of quiet bits he actually fell asleep, poor guy. He'll watch it again. In the meantime, I really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to next week and the second part. Whee!
  • Who Do You Think You Are?: "Susan Saradon" - This one has a narrative. What happened to Susan's mysterious grandmother, who walked out on her family when her children were babies (after being married at 13). This is like the dream episode for this show. A mystery, plenty of journeys and such, and revelations all over.

This week's movie was Up from Pixar. That opening alone is worth the view. A bittersweet montage that shows immediately that Pixar still has it. And the whole thing was a series of surprises that was both comfortably predictable and yet new and exciting. I admit that I was pretty close to crying a few times during the movie, but I enjoyed it overall. Wow.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic book shipment that arrived this week, of books originally released Apr 7th and 14th:
  • JSA All-Stars #5 - Strange new character. It'll be fun to see this one play out.
  • Demo V2 #3 - I'm curious as to how all those post-its got out on the street, and what it means.
  • Doctor Who Classics Series 3 #2 - I found this issue really hard to read. It's a dense story with lots of little psychological bits. I want to read the whole thing in one sitting. Perhaps I should have got the collection when it was available.
  • Brightest Day #0 - Aquaman and Mera together again, but Garth? I'm not entirely happy with the way this has played out, and I'm not entirely sure I know what to make of it now. At least there is some decent artwork in this.
  • DMZ #52 - Still not entirely sure what has happened to NYC in this, but I have suspicions that it'll all be revealed soon enough.
  • Powers #4 - Another strong issue, and no, I didn't read the letters page.

My library book this week was Coyote Rising by Allen Steele. This is the second book in the series, continuing on from the almost cliffhanger ending of the first. In this book, the original set of settlers have to fight for the freedom that they originally left the earth for. I found the ending of the book to be a bit of synchronicity for this week due to the events in Iceland and Europe. I don't know how many books there are in this series, but I'm glad to find another strong science fiction series to read.