Friday, March 04, 2011

Emerald City Comicon Day One - Friday

I drove over the mountains this morning to get to Seattle in time for the con. This, in retrospect, may have been a ... miscalculation. I am so tired right now that I've already fallen into a zoned-out almost sleep twice while trying to write this.

I very much want to post a picture or two, and make some happy jokes about the day, and maybe link to a couple of the people I met whose cards I collected, but I'm just too tired.

I did achieve my two main goals of the first day of the convention. I got the Dark Horse exclusive comic, and I got Skottie Young to sign Eric's Oz HC and sketch in his Oz/Green Lantern sketchbook. I also managed to take 20 troll pictures, annoy Kurt Busiek, and see a handful of people I haven't seen in years. And I got my picture taken with the guy dressed up as Aquaman, of course.


Well, my feet hurt, I'm exhausted from both the drive and the con, and I have a very very full day tomorrow as I'm planning on going the whole distance. So until I write again...


David Oakes said...

There's your Evil Twin...