Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Blessing #3 - My Mom

First off, Happy Birthday, Mom!

Ahem. My mother is a fantastic lady who managed to raise seven children in times that were tough. She did what she could, with the knowledge available to her at the time.

Mom taught me a number of important lessons in life, and started me out right. She was a great cook and her recipes still affect me today. She still quilts and knits and makes things, and that has led me to have a great respect for people who are Makers. I tend to admire folks who work with their hands, and much of that is due to my mother.

Mom used to make our clothes. We wore stuff that was sturdier than store-bought, and goodness knows there were times we needed it. My mother also made my wedding dress, including the lace.

Mom read to us rarely, but I still think of her as the scholarly one. In part because she subscribed to National Geographic and let us look through those magazines as kids. If I had a school assignment I was never afraid to ask her for help, because she always knew where to go to get more information. For a time she taught a class in church called "Cultural Refinement" (I think) in which she taught about other cultures. One of the things she would prepare was a dish from another country for the class members to eat. She had to try the dishes on someone, and having seven children to serve as test subjects meant that we got to try a lot of strange food as kids. I still appreciate that early experience in open-mindedness.

Mom read a lot. There were always books laying around the house, and they were usually mom's. If I brought a book home from the library, there was a good chance it would disappear for a couple of hours so mom could check it over. She wasn't overt about it, but she kept an eye on what her children did. She kept us out of trouble, as much as a mother could.

I could certainly go on, but I think I'll stop there... I'm extremely blessed to have my mother.


Lynnae said...

Thank you. I'm proud to have you as a daughter.

Kate said...

As with your dad, I have good memories of your mom too . . . I remember snippits of conversations she had with my mom about quilting and such. Perhaps this is why my own fingers are itching to try quilting now! :) Thanks once again for sharing this view of your dear mother! :)