Friday, June 07, 2013

Another Linkdump

Headed to the local high school graduation tonight. Here's advice to graduates from two sociologists.

Mexican pizza is the only thing I ever liked on the Taco Bell menu. Here's a recipe to make them at home.

This is how technology ought to be used.

Why United States medical bills are nutso insane.

Seven Tools for Thinking. I suggest every writer read these over at least once a year, more usefully once a month.

Lois McMaster Bujold is just about my favorite author right now. I have reread many of her books frequently, and have enjoyed every story I've read by her on some level, usually more than one.

Colony Collapse Disorder: the origin of the term and why it's so important. In short, CCD has happened at least 18 times before, dating back to 1869, and the short press bits we get do not tell enough of the story.


Garrett said...

Speaking of favorite authors, have you read any John Green yet?