Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Random Thoughts

My, I've been doing an AWFUL lot of linkblogging lately. I need to find something of my own to talk about again.

First up, a couple more Blogarounds:

Neil Gaiman is preparing some demonic salsa from his satanic tomato, which he'll auction off for charity.

Did I mention that I'm really looking forward to Rachel Hartman's triumphant return to comics at GirlAMatic?

This has some minor interest to me and hubby-Eric, as it's about identity cards in Britain... but it's Wizard of Oz-related.

The recent Dilbert strip actually made me do a double-take when I read it... so I wasn't at all surprised when I learned that it has an alternate ending.

Great list of advertising cliches. Heh. I'm not sure why #15 is on the list, though. In my experience, it's true... mmmm chocolate.

Ask Yahoo travels at the speed of light.

Folksongs teach you how to raise your children.

Fare thee well, Gilligan. Good obit here, and Snopes weighs in.

Boing Boing links to the The Worst English Phrasebook Ever. Go visit now, after all: "It want to beat the iron during it is hot."

Yaaah! It's the return of Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pronostications!

Adopt a Penguin. While I'm fairly certain this is parody, it's very well-done, including prices and everything. Via Augie.

NUMB3RS second season is coming. Hubby-Eric and I really like this show, so I'm glad to see it's coming back, starting September 23rd. Via Augie.

MetaFilter points us at a video of recent Thracian tomb excavations in Bulgaria.

Ooops. A fake word, esquivalience, made the word of the day. Why was a fake word in the dictionary? As a copyright trap, also known as a Mountweazel.

Snopes doesn't know if there will be a trucker strike. Considering how much profits the oil industry have been raking in, it wouldn't surprise me.


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